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Pisgah Defenders Organizing Committee

Sarah Bockus, Richmond, NH
Adam Gebb, Brattleboro, VT
Chris Hardee, West Chesterfield, NH
Laurel Powell, Hinsdale, NH
Jeffrey Scott, Chesterfield, NH
Jon Thatcher, Chesterfield, NH
Kathy Thatcher, Chesterfield, NH

Share Your Opinion

To share your opinion about the use and management of Pisgah State Park, please contact the following state officials. We’d like to know what you are saying. So please feel free to “cc” us at on any correspondence:

Governor of New Hampshire – Maggie Hassan (D) – Maggie Hassan

State Agency Officials – Jeff Rose, Commissioner of DRED –

State Senators and Representatives from Cheshire Country

Molly M Kelly, NH Senator –
William Butynski, NH State Representative –
Paul S. Berch, NH State Representative –
Tara A. Sad, NH State Representative –
Lucy M. Weber, NH State Representative –

National Park Service – Jack Howard, LWCF Manager,

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

If you have any questions about Pisgah Defenders and the management and logging practices in Pisgah State Park, please contact:

Kathy Thatcher, Spokesperson
Chesterfield, NH